In Africa, a woman will lose her rights to any property when her husband dies. In countries all over the world, women are ignored by authorities and repeatedly beaten by their husbands. And a woman judge in South America is threatened with demotion and physical harm because she issues decisions that challenge corruption and are opposed by those in power.

Conditions like these cannot be reversed overnight. But the TAWJA, through its Jurisprudence of Equality Program (JEP), has helped to bring dramatic change in countries around the world. Already, more than 800 women and men judges in East Africa, Central and South America have received international human rights law training through the JEP. As a result, these JEP-trained judges have issued numerous decisions expanding the law to protect the rights of women, children and families to be free from violence and discrimination, to be able to claim their rights to property and inheritance, and for women to have custody of their children.

People everywhere tell us that by working together through national associations and across national boundaries, the TAWJA is making a difference. The effect of the work of the TAWJA is profound. Even one judicial decision can have an inestimable impact.

Please join us in this important work. We ask that you give generously so that the IAWJ may move forward with energy and the capacity to meet the needs of its members and the needs of women around the world. Together we will continue to work to advance the human rights and equal justice for all.